Where’s the Aspiring Architect?

You may have noticed recently that I’ve been rather quiet… In fact, I think I’ve only written a couple of posts in the past 3 or 4 months. Well, I thought you deserved to know where I’ve been and more importantly, the why.

Working a 40 hour week for most people is normal. I usually work at least 40 hours a week plus participate in quite a few extracurricular activities. Most people know that about me – that I’m an extremely hard worker and I love to be involved and help in as many activities, committees, and efforts as I can possibly fit into my already crammed schedule. But what most people don’t know about me is that I’m by nature, an introvert. Why am I mentioning this? Well, because after long days at work, the days that require 200% brain power as I like to say, and then going to an event for the AIA, or for the ACE Mentor Program, or any of the other things I’m involved with… GUESS WHAT? I get exhausted! If you have ever been around me, you’d probably even say “No way she’s an introvert – she talks all the time and is extremely social!” And yes, that’s true, but that takes a HUGE amount of effort for me and not to mention a TON of caffeine. One of the biggest differences between extroverts and introverts is that those really busy days and big social events excite extroverts and it gives them energy. For introverts like me, it can absolutely wear them out. Now don’t get me wrong, I truly LOVE everything I do and everything I’m involved with. But on those days where I leave home at 8 am and don’t get home until 10 pm… All I want to do when I get home is sit on the couch, not say a word, and zone out to a dumb TV show. I have to have time to recoup, shut my brain off for a few hours, and recover.

Aspiring Architect Vacation
Our road trip to Fallingwater during our Cincinnati vacation

So why did I just go into that spill? Let me get back to my first paragraph – Where have I been? I’ve been going to work, putting in my usual 40+ hours, still running my AIA committees and helping with all my other activities and efforts – But I needed break. I took a break from writing posts as frequently, I cut back on a few extracurriculars, and when I got home for the day – I just enjoyed being home and relaxing. And over the 4th of July, Michael and I took a vacation and I didn’t let myself check a SINGLE email (it was awesome…)

And here’s the WHY. I know there are a LOT of aspiring architects out there like me that want to conquer the world – which usually means they take on a ton of work, try to get involved in everything, and prove their worth to everyone around. Well, I’m still working on this myself, BUT guess what – You can say NO to things. Even as aspiring architects you have every right to say no to extra work when you’ve already been pushing 50 hours. You can say no to going to that event that you feel like you’re obligated to go to. You can say no for the sake of your sanity. Everyone needs a breather sometimes, even me. So don’t be afraid to say no, take time off, or plan a vacation. The sooner you learn that, the better off you’ll be.


So yes! I’m back – and you’ll be hearing from me much more. AND… I’ll be announcing my first ever Aspiring Architect competition (still working on the name…) very soon!

Aspiring Architect Vacation
Did I mention I got to meet Yoda on vacation?







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