reNEWal. new year. new goals.

Well, welcome to another year!

I remember in the past when people older than myself would warn me that the older you get, the faster time seems to go. And ugh…. They are so right. I thought time went by fast in architecture school, but geez, when you start working and time becomes relative to which project you were working on versus what month it was, time starts going by much faster. I hear it gets even worse when you have kids, so I think we’ll put that on hold for a few years.

Family time in Louisiana at ChristmasAnyway, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Ours, for once, was very relaxing and filled with much needed family time back home in Louisiana. It was a much needed chance for me to think about the renewal of personal goals. We always set goals each year during our annual reviews at work, which I greatly appreciate, but I want to set some more personal goals for 2018… goals outside of just my career goals.

I tend to get extremely focused on work, my career, and my extracurricular activities, so I wanted to set some other goals this year outside of those career related goals. You always need remember (and I’m speaking to myself, too) that you are allowed to do things just for YOU. Yes, things that make no one else happy but you (and maybe your family/significant other). If you are working 60+ hour weeks, you are not getting much time for yourself and/or family. Not to mention, you can only take those hard weeks for so long before it starts taking a toll on you. SO, if you are like me, and tend to focus 110% of your effort and brain power towards career oriented things… take the time to make some personal goals for 2018 that will make you happy, healthy, and mentally renewed.

So I thought I would share with you my personal goals for 2018:

  1. Have more date nights with Michael (my husband). We usually are pretty good about this, but at the end of 2017 we were so busy with work, going out of town, and extracurricular stuff, that we really didn’t take the time to just go on a simple date. I want to make sure we do this at least once every 2-3 weeks if not more.
  2. Exercise! Holy cow… I want to start running again, do yoga, watch YouTube classes, something! Yes, I want to lose a bit of weight, but mainly I know I will feel 10x better during the day when I start exercising again. And, I’d love to do some strength training – you know, in case someone tries to snatch my purse or something.
  3. Cook and bake more – and try to cook/bake new things! I always forget how much I love to cook and bake until I finally take the time to do it. I have some great recipe books and of course, 100 recipe pins on Pinterest, so it’s time to start using some of those recipes!
  4. Make/Build more things with Michael. My husband loves to build furniture and other random things, and I do to, but usually that’s not at the top of my list when we finally get a free weekend. I need to be more cognizant of when he really wants to do this and take the time to design and build things with him this year.
  5. Blog more!!! I slacked really bad the last part of 2017… I know. I was so busy during the day that when I got home, I was always exhausted and my brain couldn’t take much more than sitting on the couch and watching Impractical Jokers. I AM GOING to change that this year and 1. Start saying “no” to additional extracurriculars 2. Schedule my time to make sure I blog and 3. Realize it’s okay to write shorter blog posts (not every single one has to be 1,000 words…)
  6. Write a book. This is a BIG, dream goal. I started thinking of it last year, but never did much with it. I’m still unsure of the topic completely. It will be Aspiring Architect related, but not sure exactly what yet.

Okay, I think that’s plenty. I encourage you to set some new goals for yourself this year if you haven’t already. And like I said, make sure they aren’t all career/job related – do some things for YOU. Keep yourself happy and sane in 2018.

If you haven’t set goals much before, I suggest looking at the “SMART Goals” method of creating goals. Mine are by no means examples of this method, but if you’d really like to set some good, specific goals, simply Google “SMART Goals” and plenty of good info will come up on how to write them. You could easily use this method to create some great career goals as well as personal goals – which I highly suggest.

Also, write your goals down! It has been shown that simply writing your goals down (and writing them down often) can greatly improve your chances of actually accomplishing them. So take a few minutes to write down your goals for 2018, and you can even go a step further – show your goals to someone  so that they can help hold you accountable for them. 

Well, once again, happy New Year all! I hope you also get some much needed renewal and are ready for more Aspiring Architect Blog in 2018.

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