I’ve been thinking about what to post for this for quite a few days (to the point that I’ve let the last day of February arrive). I wanted to pick something that really inspired me, and finally, I was reminded of a short video that I saw scrolling through Facebook a couple months ago. Many of you have probably seen this (considering millions of people have viewed it on Facebook and YouTube), but I truly love what this person has to say in just a few short minutes.

Matthew McConaughey won the Oscar for “Best Actor” for Dallas Buyers Club back in 2014. While I usually don’t pay much attention to award shows (except for the envelope mishap at this year’s Oscars), I had to pay attention to this acceptance speech. Just watch and listen (and you can skip forward to about 1:54).

He says that there are three things that he needs each day: something to look up to, something to look forward to, and someone to chase. Sounds simple, right? Well, in truth, it is. But as I listened to this video for the first time and thought about it, I realized how important these simple three things are. 

Something to look up to. Something to look forward to. And someone to chase. 

These three things keep you going, they keep you moving forward when you feel like you can’t. They motivate you, inspire you, and encourage you. 

So what are your three things that you need each day? I never thought I’d have much in common with someone like Matthew McConaughey, but our three are actually the same. I look up to God, who has blessed me in more ways than I will ever deserve. He gives my life meaning and significance, and a road map to follow.

I look forward to my family – my husband, my parents, my brother and sister, my dogs (yes, dogs are family, too). It’s my family that is always there to cheer me on, to be my number one fans, to comfort me, and to pick me up when I can’t stand.

And coffee… I also look forward to coffee…

And last, I chase my future self (this one I stole straight from him, I couldn’t resist). How clever was Matthew to say that his hero is himself in 10 years? If you envision yourself in 10 years, where are you? What are you doing? What’s the dream you hope to make reality? And, obviously, the clever part of it all is that you will never catch your future self. You will always be striving to reach that next goal, to accomplish that next dream, and to always be a better version of yourself.

So what are your three?

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