An Architectural Spark for your Summer

It seems like the spring and fall seasons are always quite full (and busy). Spring and fall are packed with new projects, design lectures, holiday events, programs like ACE, and community outreach opportunities. But summers need to be filled with something, too (besides just a nice vacation). Something needs to spark your architectural interests or passions.

Luckily, in Dallas there are a few options to spark your interests and keep you busy in the summer (and yes, some involving air conditioning). But for me personally this summer, I’ve had the opportunity to stay active and spark one of my passions by planning and prepping for a community outreach event happening on August 5 in Fair Park.

ELP Class members at the 80th Anniversary Fair Park Celebration
2016 ELP Class members at the 80th Anniversary Fair Park Celebration

I’ve had the pleasure of being a member of this year’s AIA Dallas Emerging Leaders Class. The class runs just about the entire year, from about January through October. But part of this amazing program is the class project, which for our 2016 Class has taken place mainly during the summer months. Each year, the class chooses their own project – something the class feels they can use their architectural skills to help better a community or area. Our class chose to do something for the Fair Park community. To us, this was a great opportunity to reach out and make a difference to an area of Dallas that tends to only get attention during about four weeks of the year – the weeks of the State Fair of Texas.

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ELP at the 80th Anniversary Fair Park CelebrationThe first part of our project took place in June, during the Fair Park 80th Anniversary Celebration. On Saturday, June 11, members of our class spent the day talking with Fair Park visitors, getting feedback on ideas and visions for the future of the park, and having children share their thoughts through model-making and drawing. Part of gaining the feedback from this event was through a simple survey, Spark Fair Park Survey. (If you live in DFW or know the area, we’d love for you to take the survey!) The event was fantastic – we had great conversations with families about Fair Park and what they’d like to see in the future. The kids had an amazing time and inspired us with their creative ideas. Plus, their drawings and fun models were pretty awesome.

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That event was a great kick-off for the rest of our class project. Throughout the summer our class has been working on visuals to share ideas and visions for a future Fair Park, developing a children’s playground design, and planning and preparing for our Spark Park event on Friday, August 5. Our Spark Park is a temporary park installation exploring ideas for a future Fair Park. The Spark Park will include basketball, soccer, life-size jenga, checkers, a huge chalkboard, art, music, a garden, and more. It will also have idea boards and graphics displaying visions for a future children’s playground and family park at Fair Park. With this event, our 2016 Emerging Leaders Class hopes to provide inspiration to designers, community members, and the city at large for a change of an underutilized piece of land and simultaneously connect Fair Park to neighboring communities, in a single day.

SparkParkFlyerSummers are a great time of year to relax and take a vacation, but for our ELP Class, we are hoping to do just a little bit more. We want to show the community that we care, and that even a group of just twenty-four young professionals can make a difference. We’d love for you to join us on Friday, August 5th from 8 am to 2 pm at Fair Park – help us show the community that we can make difference, even in the summer time.

For more info about the event, check out our Facebook page: Spark Fair Park

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